Buyel'Ekhaya Fashion Development Programme In partnership with the FP&M Seta Home of The Legends There are individuals who are intricately woven into the fabric of South Africa’s history, whether politically, socially, academically or culturally. A sizeable portion of these individuals have their roots in the Eastern Cape. National Heritage Route An African initiative of African Union member countries and SADC member states as represented in UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Arts & Culture Village Some of the renowned artists and musicians who have, and continue to, contribute to the arts and culture in South Africa and the world, have their origins in the Eastern Cape. Going back to Our Roots A Cultural extravaganza that takes place all around Buffalo City, with music and a celebration of arts, culture and lifestyle. World Class Performances Experience some of the greatest performances by local, continental and international artists.

Welcome to Buyel’Ekhaya Pan African Arts Festival

Going Back To Our Roots

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Fashion Development

Workshop 2019

Buyel’Ekhaya Artist Development workshop took place recently at the Buffalo Cricket Stadium  in East London.

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Bright Future for SA Fashion

"I was at the @buyelekhayafestival fashion workshop yesterday in the Eastern Cape sharing my knowledge about the industry and selecting 10 students who will be coming to my studio in JHB for a 10days development

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